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Online Dating Site Review: e Harmony What's the buzz about e Harmony?

The site claims to take the guesswork out of matchmaking by using a scientific approach to help people find not only good matches and potential mates, but soul mates. Find out here, and learn the pros and cons of e Harmony.

In your opinion, why does the Internet seem to be an easy forum to fall in love? Frequently, in online dating, the partners are treated as "blank screens" onto which the online dater her dreams, wishes, and unfulfilled needs and yearnings.

While thoroughly gratified, they are less likely to get hurt and feel less vulnerable because they invest - emotionally and otherwise - far less than in a full-fledged, "real" life liaison. A relationship entails the existence of a physical dimension, time spent together, friction and conflict, the satisfaction of all the senses, and experiences shared.

Of course, they are usually disappointed when they try to flesh out their online fantasy by moving the relationship offline, "down to earth" and into "brick-and-mortar" venues. Despite an online relationship being made up of text messages and pictures, why does it seem people more easily get into Internet relationships than they do in real life? IM, chat, webcams, and the like can seemingly bring people closer and create the illusion of intimacy, but actually it is a narcissistic sham, an echo chamber, a simulacrum.

People "fall in love" with their own reflections and with idealized partners, not with the real items. Online "love" is not love at all and, therefore, it is less prone to heartbreak and disappointment.

And while that doesn’t sound very romantic, it’s often true.

In high school and college, there were lots of people our age, everyone was single, and we had many interests in common.

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