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A link will in most cases lead to a free, publicly-accessible website. The Supreme Court of Canada granted leave to the defendants to appeal a decision of the Ontario Court of Appeal which sustained a lower court decision holding (i) that there is a real and substantial connection between Ontario and the defamation claims brought by the plaintiff Banro Corporation and (ii) that Ontario is the appropriate forum to hear the claims.

In a few instances, the link is not to another website but to an Adobe Acrobat version of the judgment stored on this website. Most are from the Ontario Superior Court of Justice which does not display its decisions on its website. The plaintiff Banro is an Ontario company based in Toronto.

Most of the Canadian decisions which pre-date April 1, 2004 are discussed in Roger D. Potts, Canadian Libel and Slander Actions (Toronto: Irwin Law, 2004). The defamation claims concern a book which was published in Quebec and distributed to bookstores in Quebec, Ontario and other parts of Canada.

References to relevant pages in the book are given below. The Internet is implicated because the book can be purchased on the Internet and is referred to on websites and in newspaper articles which can be accessed by persons in Ontario.

Mc Conchie Law Corporation can not accept any responsibility for keeping information on this list up-to-date although it strives to do so. In the court of Ontario, the defendants brought unsuccessful motions to stay the action on the basis there was no real and substantial connection to Ontario and that Ontario was not the convenient forum for the trial of the action.

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