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Directory of Support Services Apologies (Scotland) Bill Scottish Human Rights Commission Scottish Human Rights Commission Inter Action National Confidential Forum Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry NHS inform ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland) The Scottish Government is moving forward with its commitment to improve the care and treatment of adult survivors of childhood abuse.The Survivor Scotland strategy is now ten years old.Whilst its initial focus was on child sexual abuse the strategy's policy work and the work of those delivering services to surviviors has rightly covered all forms of abuse.

Our vision for Scotland's adult survivors of childhood abuse is rooted in the Scottish ambition for all citizens to be healthy, active participants in all aspects of Scottish life.

Although a great deal has been achieved so far we must take steps to recognise and tackle the significant inequalities that survivors often experience as a result of their abuse and ensure that as policies and services are developed and the needs of survivors are met.

We have learned a lot about what matters to survivors and that services need to be responsive to individual needs and personal outcomes.

A continued focus for the work of the Survivor Support Policy Team will be to improve and develop our workforce and the services they deliver that treat, care for and support survivors across all domains of health and wellbeing including physical, psychological and social in a person centred approach.

The Scottish Government has made a commitment to work with survivors to develop an In Care Survivor Support Fund Service.

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