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3- The person I see in the mirror is not the person everyone else sees😀 4- I always think I smell bad 5- My "imaginary" friend growing up was God😀 we used to chat all the time and have discussions. 13- My best friend to this day has been my friend since we were 4. 2- I have learned the things that made you "weird" as a kid, actually make you cool as an adult. I rather get into peoples heads and find out what makes them tick. I think there is a lot there we dont WANT to know about. I don’t know anyone to tag😀 heh heh 1- I have always loved dolls and actually started to sew for Barbies when I was like 7! 17- I have been preparing myself to be an "old-maid" since I was 6. When I found out only girls could be nuns, my wish became to be a girl. 18- I am terrified of the ocean and deep water but I still find it beautiful. that being said, pokemon skills will not help her write that paper.

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I always dreamed of moving up north and was obsessed with North Carolina for some weird reason even though I had never even been there? epic battles, long runs in the grass, chatting up the townspeople. you’re an adult by age ten and the world is your playground.

And when it’s all said and done I’d probably do it ll over again. you can put it down and not pick it up until years later, but still, those talented little fingers will remember exactly how to move, where to take you.

25- I am obsessed with New Age and believe I have been here MANY times before and sometimes I wish it was the last but I am pretty sure it’s not. your hands curl around the plastic and you immediately know.

21- I drink when I am nervous…and I am nervous a lot. 23- When I eat yummy thing my toes curl 24- I believe Love is the most important and easiest thing to get/give/share.

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