Alec baldwin dating 27 year old

(He later apologized.)But now, with the security guard, Baldwin remains the soul of calm.

A telephone call is made, a familiar face appears, and we are whisked up a stairway into the welcoming arms of Zarin Mehta, the brother of the conductor Zubin, who is the Philharmonic’s soon-to-retire executive director and thus, in a sense, Baldwin’s boss.

Some days earlier, Baldwin had first proposed a quiet dinner at the Post House, in the smart Lowell hotel, on the Upper East Side, before circling back to suggest this evening at the orchestra.

Now he confides that he’d considered yet a third option—opening-night seats at Mike Nichols’s Broadway revival of —but didn’t want me to think he was being over the top.

The fact is that Baldwin, at the age of 54 and after more than 50 movies, is entitled to be at least slightly over the top, and in any case he has always felt free to be over the top whether entitled or not.

deeply involved in philanthropy, the New York Philharmonic, and politics, and blissfully grabbing a second chance at love, Baldwin has come a long way from his angry years as a Hollywood bad boy and that epic, ugly divorce. Purdum checks out Alec Baldwin 2.0, still hotheaded at times, but—with two big summer movies—more than ready for his close-up.

At twilight on a Thursday in the heart of Manhattan, the concertgoers flock swiftly into the plaza at Lincoln Center, but I head alone around the corner to the stage door of Avery Fisher Hall, on West 65th Street, where I’ve been told to meet Alec Baldwin.

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