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So this is for all the women out there who are like my friend that was actually featured in the introduction, and yeah, giving them a way to get back their power and really get the fulfillment that they deserve in their love lives.

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The book for women took about two and a half years…Chip August: Wow! Alex Benzer: Well actually because I am not a woman, so that was tough. Who am I to try to delve inside and try to figure out what they’re thinking?

Chip August: I thought you had a pretty deep voice for a woman, yeah. ” So my approach is more from the point of view of the man, saying, “Look, you know, this is how men think, this is what makes you attractive to a man, and these things that you do in the presence of men, you know, makes them feel great, this other thing that you do maybe not so great.” So substantially there’s, there’s a substantial amount of overlap between the two books, mainly because it’s about human beings, it’s about people and the principles of eastern wisdom, Taoism, Buddhism, Hinduism, all this stuff, they’re universal. But there’s some stuff in there that’s going to be different from, from what the women and the men…

I mean, your average guy probably isn’t wondering how to embrace his inner goddess…Chip August: I don’t know.

Alex Benzer noticed how difficult it was for the bright, beautiful people all around him to find, meet and attract meaningful love relationships.

After getting his Bachelors degree from Harvard, studying Eastern wisdom and getting a Masters in Philosophy from Cambridge, and also getting his medical doctorate from UC San Diego School of Medicine, Dr. I’m your host, Chip August, and today on the show we are going to be talking about the Tao of dating. I read your book, I always like things which mix the spiritual with the practical.

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