Application radioactivity carbon dating

By following this assumption, archaeologists can place the materials collected from the various strata into a rough chronological sequence.

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For example, archaeologists may conclude that hand axes found in the high terrace of the Thames River in England are older than arrow points and pottery found in the lower terrace because they know that the high terrace was formed earlier than the low one.

The association of artifacts with animal or fossil remains can also be used for relative dating.

For example, it is known that superbison became extinct in the Great Plains of what is now the United States and were replaced by modern bison.

Interpreting Agricultural Find Essay, Research Paper Ideally, analysis of the materials found on a site begins in the field laboratories while excavation is still in progress.

Often, however, reconnaissance and excavation are completed in a relatively brief period of time, and the records and preserved remains are taken back to a museum, university, or laboratory for more analysis.

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