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Schooled in improv, she prides herself on making each of her shows unique. KG: First, let me say that I also love that you're a real journalist. KG: Let me tell you this: I did this interview a couple of weeks ago, and I thought I was really funny. So Lisa Kudrow came up to me one night and said, "I think you're really good in the Groundlings." And I was like, "Where is this going, Lisa?

Just as the dignified Cooper can never be sure what might come out of his cohost's mouth on NYE, audiences at a Griffin standup show can expect only the unexpected. But the interviewer emailed my publicist and was like, "These are the four questions I was supposed to ask her." Do you want to know what the questions were, 'cause you're an actual journalist, which makes me giddy? KG: The questions were: "When did you know you were funny? " And she said, "But I think you're way funnier as yourself." And that was really encouraging to me.

SD: Speaking of that, I had a friend at his birthday party last week. Ninety-nine percent of my texts to him are evil, like Dear fucker who dumped me for Madonna. Then there's an awkward pause and he writes back, LOL. KG: Is there a song about prejudice against gingers? It starts out as this moody piano thing, and he's talking about this terrible word that carries so much hurt. We had four shows every weekend, so I'm used to working nights and live performing, and I loved it. Anyway, I was doing the Friday late show at Groundlings, which is an experimental show.

I've been texting him, like, Way to dump me for Madonna, you shallow Hollywood sellout! " I'm like, "Yeah, I'm good." SD: Have you heard Tim Minchin's song "Prejudice"? SD: This is really going to a dangerous place right now... I was in it with Will Ferrell and Cheri Oteri, Jon Lovitz, Molly Shannon. I was in the main company, and it was very competitive. Sarah Silverman called me a raconteur, which I love.

I've had people be like, "Are you OK with the war on gingers? KG: There could be a Selma-style march with you, me, Ann-Margret... So in a recent interview with National Public Radio, you said that you do two new hours for every show. I was in the Groundlings with the late, great Phil Hartman for a short time. KG: I did it, as my mother would say, ass-backwards.

Andy Cohen has always been a wee bit shy when discussing his sexual escapades.

He’s open about them when asked (like the time he confessed to hooking up with Lance Bass), but he doesn’t freely volunteer the information the way some gay celebrities do (here’s looking at you Marc Jacobs! Related: Total Top Andy Cohen And Presumed Bottom Lance Bass Once Had Sex Together Well, hip-hop artist/model Amber Rose recently interviewed Cohen on his show, where she asked the question pretty much everyone’s been wondering for the past few years: “Are you and Anderson Cooper fucking? We’ve never even kissed.” Related: Andy Cohen Is Definitely A Top, According To Anderson Cooper He continued: “We were set up on a blind date over 20 years ago and it never took.

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