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When creating the original pictures, sometimes I saved the 3D files, and sometimes I saved the TIF file renders.In the above picture, I used the original TIF file, and inserted a new background.This picture, from the new bar set, takes the original 3D file, with poses and props, and moves it into a new 3D set.

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Now with a 3D set, I can give all the pictures new angles and play with the lighting some more.

Then there are pictures like the museum pic at the top, which is both an all new pose, and an all new set.

Ariane B Dating Sim follows Buttplu through a date with a woman named Ariane.

As promised, I am showing some new stuff I’m working on for the dating game.

I was hoping to be finished by now but I keep getting distracted by other matters. The sequel is likely going to be in Visual Novel format, which means I can do things like have an actual plot, but it also means part of the process requires me to write a regular novel first, and since November is National Write a Novel Month, I’d like to participate and push myself to write the thing, instead of just the advanced outline I currently have.

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