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Official agreements signed by Greece and Iraq demonstrate the spirit of solidarity and co-operation by which relations of both countries are marked.

For instance, in 1979 Constantinos Karamanlis, who was then Prime Minister of Greece, visited Baghdad; during that visit both sides signed a co-operation agreement on technical and economic issues.

Moreover, during the Iran-Iraq war there was co-operation in the field of war material.

After Gulf War I, UN sanctions were imposed on Iraq.

Greece supported the oil for food programme as it was interested in the future of the Iraqi people.

As a result of its economic embargo Iraq owes high amounts to Greek companies on the basis of their co-operation during the Iran-Iraq war.

On Monday, 6 June, Deputy Foreign Minister Spyros Kouvelis travelled to Baghdad for bilateral meetings with members of the Iraqi government.

Meeting with Iraqi Deputy Agriculture Minister, Mehdi Al Qaisi.

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