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Their question is like asking "Do mothers like ____________________ (fill in the blank)?" It depends of course on the individual mother, doesn't it!Not to pick on the young Christian men in our singles group, but I very seldom get asked: "Juliet, I'm dating (or want to start dating) 'so and so' and I was just wondering if men like ____________________ (fill in the blank)?

Benefits of dating a divorced man

This is of course only my observation based on my own experience. I love be available to listen when someone has a struggle or problem. So I found that guys are more comfortable standing around talking with me in flats than if I am high-heeled-up to over 5 feet 11 inches tall. I know that often guys (especially competitive guys) tend to be more goal oriented and women tend to be more relationship oriented. For example, male golfers view the game as great competitive exercise with a social undertone. And it can be lost in an instant usually after some judgmental or harsh or self-righteous comment.

And then I pray for them with detailed knowledge and empathy. Female golfers view the game as great social interaction with a competitive undertone. I have ministered to divorced, widowed, hurting or guilt-ridden singles whom, like everyone else who is no doubt IMPERFECT, have very sensitive wounds.

About four years ago I broke a heel off in the church parking lot, so that Sunday I wore my flat-soled basket ball shoes that I keep in the trunk of my car. Treat their wounds with gentleness and you will win a friend!

(I admit this is a rather long article full of important info. Also do not assume that you are the answer to all their needs.

on dating Christians, but if you are in a hurry, I suggest that you scroll down and read only the "Practical Dating Tips." All names/places in this article have been changed to protect peoples' privacy.) Practical Dating Tip: When it comes to dating safety I tell singles to never scrimp on due diligence. Only God can heal the hurt or provide deep and profound restoration.

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