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In particular, since late July I’ve really slowed down.

Life, work, and all that good stuff gets in the way. In the matter of a couple days, my blog was designed and ready to go.

Using Go Daddy as hosting made it even easier, since Word Press is one of many applications they have an auto-download feature for.

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When I was a kid, I used to run entire seasons of a made-up 30-team baseball league with Micro League Baseball II on my Mac Plus.

Not only that, I manually kept track of all the stats for every team, every game!

Similarly, to this day, one of the aspects I dig most about games like Madden I’m glad that I set up Google Analytics right away on this blog.

I just realized that I’m fast approaching my one year anniversary of blogging about web accessibility. I’ve learned a lot about the subject, discovered many very impressive, admirable figures through other blogs and social media like Twitter, and all around have had a lot of fun.

Here are just a couple of the lessons and insights I’ve gained about web accessibility, blogging, and developing a web presence in general.

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