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Or some nice decent looking guy who gets totally led around by the balls by some ugly mastodon?

A personal side story, my best friend was dating a girl for less than six months when she pressured him into getting married that summer. Because her parents and sister got married on the same date in years previous and it just so happened that that date was on a Saturday that year.

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Here’s a classic example of a stupid hot American girl: The part of this I find the most disgraceful is not the pathetic attempt to sound non-retarded by that Litttle Miss Einstein but the question itself: 20% of Americans can’t find America on map! Here’s another of my personal favorites: American girls make terrible girlfriends and wives.

Just watch sitcoms and you’ll get the idea of how our society is training our women to treat us.

Your typical sitcom is about some poor henpecked bumbling husband who is always getting bitched at by their wife for going out with their buddies. American guys in general treat women very well because we our spirits have been so thoroughly so crushed by our horrible women. Too many American, English and Western European girls have been coddled and their horrible self entitled behavior accommodated over the generations. It doesn’t really matter if an American girl is kind of ugly, fat, stupid and mean, some poor slob will take her out, be nice to her and buy her a bunch of shit in the faint hope that she will have sex with him.

The more I have traveled the world and seen what it has to offer to more I have realized that the average American woman is shockingly low in quality. I mean come on girls, is the airport really the right place for your stupid slumber party?

The average American woman is the worst woman in the world. She has terrible fashion sense and walks around in public like a slob with sweatpants and no makeup.

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