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The new ones are showing up fine in the video list on the PS3, but the list didn't update to remove the files that are no longer there.

Is there a way to force the video catalog to update on the console? There are two possible sources of the problem here. The media server may not be broadcasting the changes, so you would need to do a refresh at the source media server.

The other is the client (in this case the PS3) not refreshing the library from the source, for this you can do a 'search for media servers' in the PS3.

Game Spy, a relic from times long before the modern Internet – or indeed, games and spies – existed is closing down.

This on its own is not surprising as the multiplayer service is, by modern standards, buggy and kind of a joke, but it leaves a startling number of games with their e-wings clipped and their online-heaving hams That’s quite a list, and the gray area in the center is especially worrisome.

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