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As we line up with our fellow dancers, I can’t help but think about how grateful I am to have been voted back on the show. This time, I’m dancing for the fans, because without their votes, I wouldn’t be standing on this shiny floor! “You at home brought Sabrina Bryan back to the dance floor,” Brooke said after we got our scores.

After Joey & Kym’s cha cha and Shawn & Derek’s foxtrot, it’s our turn. We get in position and hear: “Dancing the Cha Cha Cha, Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel.” The first notes of “What Makes You Beautiful” by One Direction came on and I feel really, really happy! At that moment, I’m appreciating the fan vote more than ever…and I’m hoping you’ll bring me back for next week too! It was a great flashback watching Helio from my season dance.

Did you see my huge smile as we took our first steps? ) Len Berman said I was like a hammer on the dance floor. Up in the Sky Box, Louis and I had a spectacular view of the ballroom. If I had only a word or two to describe each of my talented friends, they would be: Joey – proud Drew Lachey – impressed Shawn – adorable Apolo Anton Ohno – consistent Bristol Palin – confidence Gilles Marini– intimidating Kelly – most improved Pamela Anderson – dramatic Kirstie Alley – elegant Melissa Rycroft – showmanship Helio Castroneves – charming Emmitt Smith – wow factor Thoughts were racing in my head as I watched everyone dance. It also was bittersweet watching my former partner Mark Ballas dance with Bristol, and I couldn’t help but visualize myself in Bristol’s shoes doing that dance with Mark.

, I was thrilled to be partnered with the very talented and all-around amazing guy, Louis Van Amstel.

We’re taking inspiration from the show’s superhero-themed opening credits, and have decided that our superhero alter egos must come out to play this season.

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