Bsd updating ports tree

t is recommended that to keep Free BSD systems up to date with the latest application security patches installed via ports collection.

bsd updating ports tree-36

This file describes various issues and additional steps users may encounter and need to perform when updating a port, including such things as file format changes, changes in locations of configuration files, or other such incompatibilities with previous versions.

Packaging for Mono and related applications on Free BSD is handled by the BSD# Project.

The purpose of this project is to maintain the existing Mono/C# ports in the Free BSD ports tree, port new applications, and work on resolving Free BSD specific issues with Mono.

BSD# is entirely user supported and is not an official Free BSD or Mono project.

The BSD# Project is devoted to porting and maintaining the Mono . The Mono framework consists of not only the Mono Runtime environment and compiler but the XSP web server for handling ASP.

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