Catgirl planet dating sim walkthrough

The boys are met either automatically (Marius, Shuppin, Beck) or by attending their club or job (Rhett, Per).

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In addition, many of his events require the heroine to visit the gym, regardless of her fitness level.

Birthday: 13th February Job: Bakery Club: Music Likes: Clothes: Punk, Cute, Young Madam Presents: Band Patches Halloween Costume: Paladin Armour, Fairy Dress Dislikes: Clothes: Sporty, Elegant Presents: Cheap Headphones Ending Requirements: Fill Shuppin's relationship bar and: Good End: 70+ Social Best End: Complete music subplot, 130+ Social, 70+ Charm Dual End: Get Marius and Shuppin to : D level by the Easter holidays, 130+ Fitness, Social and Charm by 15th May With no preferences in particular, Shuppin is fairly easy to please; humble, caring answers are the order of the day here.

For his best ending, you'll need to get him to join the music club, which is done by telling Petime that you would prefer for boys to join the club when she asks.

Raise Shuppin's relationship as much as possible to get him to join, and attend 20 times for his best ending.

Birthday: 21st November Job: Library Club: Drama Likes: Clothes: Elegant, Casual Presents: Horror Collection DVD Halloween Costume: Paladin Armour, Lavinia Costume Dislikes: Clothes: Cute, Young Madam, Punk Presents: Romeo + Juliet DVD Ending Requirements: Fill Rhett's relationship bar and: Good End: 70+ Smarts Best End: Complete drama subplot, all stats 130+ Dual End: Fill both Rhett and Beck's relationship bars, all stats 130+ A jerk with a heart of gold, Rhett likes a girl who can give as good as she gets on the sarcasm front, though he doesn't mind a little honesty every now and again.

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