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Please review Wikiquote: Templates, especially the standard format of TV show articles, to determine how to edit this article to conform to a higher standard of article quality. Sir Finkleberg: [greeting Timmy] What ho, tiny knight with a shield that smells like a hundred horses' butts?

(to Timmy) You for faking your show and tell(to Chester and A. (to Crocker) And you for trapping me in a toilet paper cocoon and promising two young boys they could enslave the earth! But just so you two have something to laugh at while I'm gone- [to Cosmo] I wish you were a woman, [to Wanda] and you were a man! (breaks down door with battering ram)Timmy's Dad: All right, you guys.

Principal Waxleplax: A week of detention for all of you! I'm gonna call up all my old friends (leafing through book) Lessee, Wanda, Wanda, Wanda with a star beside it, Panda, no that's "Wanda" with a smudge on the 'W'. But we knew that one Friday the 13th, some child would be stupid enough to have his fairies wish him here, and set all of us free! Timmy: [as a girl] I'm going out to the mall to find something Trixie would like. J., Crocker)/father (Timmy, Trixe) by coming in anyway!

Vicky: And this is for the TV, and this is the VCR, and this is the DVD, and this is the surround sound, and this is the combination microwave popcorn maker/neck massager, and I don't know what this plug does, but I ain't payin' for the electricity. [showing an image of Wanda in Egypt with a disgusted expression as Cosmo is also shown in the image vomiting into a barf bag]Anti-Cosmo: You see, we've been trapped behind that blasted barrier for centuries. ) I'm respecting your privacy by knocking but asserting my authority as your mother(A.

But they're my pals, and I love them more than anything. Cosmo: [trying to distract Jorgen with a slideshow] And this is us vacationing in Egypt. Now let's show the Dinklebergs how we Turners are the best charades players ever! I don't want to live in a world where household appliances can eat you- [they pass the living room background yet again] -and they use the same background over and over again.

(crawls towards wand)Chet: [as Chip Skylark speaks (and fails) in protest against making Skip Sparkypants the star of a commercial] What? This is Chet Ubetcha saying: "I'm getting that boy out of the well!

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