Cheating sex only dating

Cheating is arguably the most heinous relationship crime you could commit. Feelings are just as much a part of a relationship as sex. Every time I lay this question on someone, it stumps them.

You’re being unfaithful to the one you supposedly love. So what happens if we fall for someone else while in a relationship? But for the sake of argument, you could say you didn’t to fall in love with someone else, while with physical cheating you made the conscious decision to kiss or sleep with someone else.

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The same thoughts spin around their head: So even if the cheating is “accidental,” it’s still cheating.

If they’re spending all their time texting this person or spending all night at this person’s place, and they have feelings for them — but they didn’t sleep with them — they might as well have done so anyway.

Does it really make a difference to know they weren’t sexual with them?

In fact, knowing you were the one standing between them is probably bound to make you feel even sh*ttier.

So, cheaters, before you make the blind decision to simply save your sex until after you break up with your S.

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