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Answers to 10 tough bankruptcy questions - The Bankruptcy Adviser answers frequently asked questions from readers.

Worst-case scenarios when filing bankruptcy - What's the worst that can happen when you file bankruptcy or go into credit counseling? - Retirement money is safe in bankruptcy, as long as you keep it in the right place. - Determining if a trust is untouchable depends on the type of trust and who the beneficiary is. - Whether you're inside or outside of bankruptcy, losing your homes is a possibility.

- Filing for bankruptcy means listing your creditors from old debts. Most debt goes away in bankruptcy - Creditors can still look to these few exceptions to discharging debt to get what's owed to them. - Agreeing to pay a loan after it's cleared by bankruptcy is only beneficial in a few instances.

How to deal with bankruptcy and its effects on your life - By TDS Guest Blogger Help filing for bankruptcy without a fee - You need money to pay a lawyer when filing bankruptcy, but there may be ways around it. Make a fresh start after bankruptcy - Is bankruptcy the answer to your struggles with debt? Bankruptcy protection varies - Before you file for Chapter 13, learn how courts in your area interpret it.

3 common property missteps in bankruptcy - Scheming to protect property from a Chapter 7 auction can bring you a world of pain. by Gary Foreman return to the Library Subject Index See also Credit Report & Credit Score, After Bankruptcy Restoring credit after bankruptcy - Paying off a debt that wasn't reaffirmed won't be reported to the credit agencies. - Reaffirming a mortgage in bankruptcy can be nearly impossible if you're behind on house payments Bankruptcy timeline: Rebuilding credit - Your credit will take a hit, but things might not be as bad as you expect. - You've moved on after bankruptcy, but will an auto lender give you a second chance? Some debts stain credit report for years - You can clean up your finances in bankruptcy, but some debt mars your credit report long-term. - Certain requirements must be met before you can convert your bankruptcy from Ch. Chapter 13 an option even after Chapter 7 - A Chapter 7 case in the past won't stop you from a Chapter 13 bankruptcy in the future.

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