Coptic singles dating

An electronic mailing lists allows list members to dialog via email.Sometimes the contents of these emails are archived for public view and other times they are not.List members generally have the option to receive the messages one-at-a-time or in a "daily digest" that includes all of the messages for a given time period.

Essentially it involves roughly equal numbers of men and women coming together in a large room.

Usually the women sit in place at a table, and the men circulate, spending several minutes with each lady.

It is a way to meet a large number of singles in an evening.

Relationship agencies in several countries offer speed dating events that are aimed specifically for Christians.

In the words of a British website named Christian Speed Dating (no longer online): We appreciate that it can be hard to met other like minded individuals, and that it is often important to Christians for a potential partner to hold similar beliefs to themselves.

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