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The air is thick with the scent of cheap perfume, because Lynn - with 70 first dates to her name - isn't 'wasting no good stuff anymore.' Single parent and 'true gentleman' Jake is definitely a step up from Lynn's previous dates (a few rats, some toads and a dead ringer for Norris Cole from Corrie). And 21-year-old private nanny Georgia could probably talk the hind legs off a donkey.

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Edelstein, 48, is best known for her seven-season run on What are some ways to personalize your wedding?

Cupid’s Advice: Not all weddings are supposed to be traditional and classic.

Pick a style that matches your personality as a couple, the more creative the better.

I am giddy with excitement about this year’s festival.

The Chicago Women’s Funny Festival showcases some of the best comedic talent from across the country. MORE women comedians are taking stages all over the world.

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