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"A lot of that [life] seems like that's a blur," Larry said. it doesn't feel near as crazy." During Anna Nicole's pregnancy, and even after her death from a drug overdose in Florida, many wondered if Dannielynn would be damaged by the star's alcohol and drug use.

"If it weren't for Dannielynn I would say, ' Did any of this really happen? But the fourth grader has grown into a normal, healthy young girl who loves playing games and spending time with her dad.

Opening up about her hobbies, Dannielynn told ET that she loves playing video games -- especially building cruise ships in the popular computer game, -- and that she enjoys traveling with her father to the Bahamas.

WATCH: Anna Nicole Smith's Daughter Takes Up Modeling The Bahamas was the beginning of the end for Anna Nicole.

Three days after Dannielynn was born, Anna Nicole's son Daniel died from a lethal combination of drugs while visiting his mother and his newborn half-sister in the hospital.

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