Danielle evans dating

At the very least: Louis and Danielle really, really, really like milkshakes.

Jennifer Lawrence is no stranger when it comes to fake tabloid relationships.

However, you would think that gossip publications would pair her up with someone she actually knows! Related: Jennifer Lawrence Admits She Cries Over The Kardashians!

First broadcast on the now-defunct UPN, premiering its 21st cycle on the CW tonight, ANTM has remained a gift long beyond its glory days. To settle this, we’ve ranked all 20 previous cycles. In exchange, we got Rob Evans – who was a big ol' nothing – and the execrable addition of Bryanboy, who was supposed to represent the fans through social media.

Tyra has spent her prime teaching us how to smize, how to be on top, and how to make everything about ourselves. Let’s see who’s still in the running towards becoming America’s next top America’s Next Top Model cycle. Cycle 19 (along with Cycle 20) has the single worst judging lineup in series history. The so-called "College Edition" was a non-starter, and all the best remaining members of the show's cast were summarily dismissed.

Winner: Laura James Favorite Model: Nastasia Scott Cycle Villain: Let's come back to this one in a second. The social media component was also weak and served little purpose.

After Liam Payne shockingly split from his longtime girlfriend Sophia Smith in October, One Direction found themselves in an unprecedented situation: None of them were in relationships. The buried lede here, though, is that they reportedly ordered four — FOUR!

While everyone’s attention has been mostly focused on Niall Horan, who’s been spotted out and about with Selena Gomez lately (but don’t tell Justin Bieber that), his bandmate Louis Tomlinson has also been cozying up with a new ladyfriend. News, Louis and “The Originals” star Danielle Campbell enjoyed a sweet treat-filled outing to Millions of Milkshakes in Hollywood on Sunday (Dec. A fan also tweeted out a photo of them sitting side-by-side in a booth.

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