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WOULD LOVE to find something else that could give me a REALLY GOOD SPANKING!!!! My husband is non romantic ,unaffectionate and lacks gennuine compassion.

I love to push the limits and see how far I can take it.

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I was touched by my mom's and stepdad's best friend that while growing up I was told to call him uncle. He lived with us for five years and he would sneak into my room when I was sleeping. and get the urge to hurt myself either by spanking or hurting the front. I will never tell another living soul as long as I live. You should have seen the look on the clerks face the day I went 1 day after my 18th birthday and told them just that and I need my name placed on the birth certificate and not the alias name I used. Now I am about fifteen and I still talk to this boy, but we stopped taking from about fifth to eighth grade. I am utterly and unmistakenly miserable and I'm wondering is it just that I've become so emtionally... As i said i was 12 when this all happened, my girlfriend was only 11!

Today I got a weird idea and I did it because I'm going try anything at least once and I stuck a needle through my **** because I need to punish myself occasionally. It is a secret that is hard to carry alone, but I have come to realize that is exactly what I will have to do from now on. They was in dis-belief and asked if I was sure I meant... Some are capable of overcoming it with little to no problems. I feel as if my family and everyone around me judge me based solely on how much I earn. Mind you, I very much so am interested in women, I just don't know if this happening has labeled me gay or bisexual for life... There was a power outtage in my hotel room for some reason so there were only candle lights...

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