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She’s not going to be as big as Anne Hathaway, Reese Witherspoon, or Amy Adams, but she’s a talented, bright actress who is also into charity, so I imagine she’s happy.

Josh, if this wasn’t enough and you really want to know , this looks like it was shot with the exact same lens.

Everything else is pretty much exactly Michael Bay should sue. Addendum: Did Lea Michele and Matthew Morrison flip a coin to see who was going to star in their respective celeb-fest films?

(Read like Stephon): This movie has everything: wrinkly Dennis Quaid holding a giant yellow ball, Chace Crawford talking about how good looking he is, Cameron Diaz speaking with an undetermined accent, salsa dancing Matthew Morrison, Jennifer Lopez getting sappy over black babies and a culturally diverse group of men carrying babies in Baby-Bjorn pouches walking slow motion to Notorious BIG. I’m dating the taller football player.” Or, “My brother just died in Vietnam.” was a great show and very real, but depressingly so. Kevin Arnold’s (Fred Savage) brother Wayne was a violent asshole, constantly beating Fred up, his sister was a drugged up hippie who rarely acknowledged his existence, his dad was an emotionally detached alcoholic—an unsuccessful, fat Don Draper—and his mom was miserable, lonely and depressed, trapped in a loveless marriage. Not because it wasn’t quality, it certainly was, but because it was so dark.

” Looks like this is as deep as it’s gonna get, people. Wow, that Gif from must have really gone over well with casting directors. Sure, occasionally he kissed Winnie Cooper, but those instances typically followed with her saying, “I can’t. Frankly I’m surprised this show lasted six seasons. He may have been “held back” comedically in the 90s, but he had two hit shows and was becoming a multi-millionaire! Why is Roseanne surrounded by six, fat Asian Roseanne children? Even back then Neil Patrick Harris had a great voice.

Followed by the lovely Elizabeth Banks saying, “It sucks! Tony Danza—whatever it was that you did, people loved “it.” 6. “We wanted to write a family sitcom about an African- American working class Chicago family, and now we’re being forced to write gags for a creepy, voyeuristic, accordion-playing freak who ruins everything.” 8.

My friend, Josh Delman (Editor in Chief of the fabulous but short lived humor periodical, The Eastern Review), recently propositioned me to answer the titular question of this post, so after hours of meticulous research, this is what I have come up with: Julia Stiles broke out into the mainstream with her widely acclaimed performance in 1998’s Just how acclaimed was she? Pentagon meeting, battle for Earth tagline, giant thing literally transforming. Or do they just have the same manager who said, “Look, we want to transition you both into movies, but you don’t have the star power to star in one on your own, so we’ll get you into these ensemble movies so you’ll be sharing the spotlight with other stars (thereby raising your own star power) and if the movies bomb, no one can blame it on you.” Good thinking manager.

She walked home that year with an MTV Movie Award for Best Breakthrough Performance and the Chicago Film Critics Award for most promising actress of the year and film critic Adina Hoffman of the Jerusalem Post, even called her “a young, serious looking Diane Lane! giant thing crashes into giant building in the daytime, giant robots, attack on an army base, more sounds. Then soon to be former Lakers (if they pull the amnesty card), Metta World Peace and Shannon Brown join him along with Lisa Leslie.

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