intellect and online dating - Dating a black transexual woman

I am writing this piece as a nonbinary identified mixed race woman, and I recognize that this show speaks to and for, first and foremost, an audience of which I am not a part.I apologize in advance if I step out of line at any point; I am only doing my best to elevate the narratives crafted here.The main three characters of this season are Violet, a white trans woman with a past drug addiction and a history of sex work, Paige, a Black trans woman and Lambda Legal lawyer, and Allie, a white cis lesbian writer. explores some of the realities of trans womanhood, the beautiful and the painful, from a place of authority.

One of the most memorable and crucial scenes takes place in the beginning of the second episode, when Violet describes her own internal process of body policing to Allie.

Our cisheteropatriarchal society has very specific codes for being perceived as a cis woman, and Violet expresses what it’s like to instinctively police yourself to protect yourself as a trans woman, as well as instinctively checking your own identity as it compares to cis people.

— trans women should not have to appeal to the male gaze to be recognized as female (ie, many cis conversations surrounding Caitlyn Jenner), but transmisogyny and prescriptive standards of womanhood often heavily shape these experiences.

Even if a trans individual is confident in their own gender identity, being misread or “outed” by a cis person can make them feel less valid, even if that cis person believes they have good intentions. ” Allie asks, and Violet replies, “I wish it weren’t so obvious, but yes.”I’ve never met a trans person before,” Allie says.

“That you know of,” Violet replies, reinforcing that making assumptions about identity based solely on the perceived body is ignorance as well as an outright form of body terrorism.

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