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Still, many people get fed up with this after a while and start craving the real thing – an open, honest, intimate relationship with someone who’ll take them seriously. But how to make the leap from one-or-few-night stands and loose ties to real love and commitment? If you wait long enough with sex – you will be able to see if someone is truly into you, and have a much better idea if you are into them as well.

This is where the sex-timing thing comes into play – because sex has become such an easy currency that gives us easy satisfaction and a false sense of closeness. If they forget to call for a long time after you’ve told them you’re not ready to have sex yet – then you know their interest in you was not genuine.

Without it, you’re just two people talking and getting to know each other, for real.

I am not saying having sex quickly should be avoided at any cost or that you should follow some silly ‘3rd-date-rule’ or anything like that.

Sometimes the chemistry is strong and a first date sex turns into an amazing relationship.

In times where casual ‘hooking-up’ has become more of the dating norm than exception, it’s getting harder and harder to know how to go about looking for a long-term, serious relationship. If we do the opposite and give it all we got, fall in love and open our hearts – we risk too much.

It’s so easy to get in and out of these superficial ties that people often aren’t even sure if they are single or not, are they dating someone or it’s just been a one-off thing last Saturday and they’ll never speak to each other again. The chances of getting battered and bruised by someone who’ll see us as passing entertainment and not the real thing are pretty high. The consequence of keeping your heart at bay is that we often have no clue whether we feel something for someone or not.

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