Dating antique whiskey bottles

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julianna margulies dating - Dating antique whiskey bottles

Either way I liked the look of the bottle and it was only three bucks. This is a colorless glass bottle embossed with the name Old Quaker, an image of an old man in a hat and a couple bundles of grain under that. There is still a dried up cork in the bottom of the bottle, but even if that was a latter addition the top looks similar to other cork closure bottles I’ve run across.

Obviously this was, at some point, filled with Old Quaker – a brand owned by Schenley for many years.

(Schenley being one of the companies that went on to be acquired by companies that merged to become Diageo.) But at what point was is filed with Old Quaker? Looking at the front of the bottle, you get your first clue as to the age of this bottle.

Like go on vacation, ride in an airplane, get the flu and have it turn into pneumonia sick.

As such, I’ve had no tastebuds to do tastings for the last few weeks.

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