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The reasons why I love and adore the sh*t out of Ryan Reynolds or Deadpool (cause honestly they're increasingly one in the same) continue to pile up.

The man's latest antics center on his comment he made after seeing Nathan Fillion (self-proclaimed geek enthusiast, starred in ) post a picture of his coffee mug on Instagram: Ow, oww. But would you expect anything less from our favorite badmouthed merc?

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What we know is the dude got a fat vampiric hickey, and snapchatted his significant other, saying: "I told my dad yesterday I was gunna see you today and he thought it would be funny to jump on me to wake me up and he gave me a hickey (sic).

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Everyone who has ever been in a relationship knows the ups and downs.

It can be amazing at times and other times it can suck the life out of you.

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