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It isn’t easy, but it’s a far better alternative than wasting months or even years of your life waiting around for some guy to get his act together, wouldn’t you agree? When two people are in a relationship, they should bring out the best in one another.They should challenge each other to grow so that their attributes strengthen and they become the best versions of themselves.

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It breaks my heart seeing some of the questions we receive via email and in the forum.

So many of our readers feel miserable and trapped by their relationships.

Yet despite these agonizing feelings of hurt/despair/insecurity/fear, they are unable to extricate themselves from the situation because of their all-consuming feelings for the other person.

We all know those couples who have been together forever and are already planning their wedding. And while it’s great to be in love, is this level of commitment healthy at the college level? Relationships aren’t cut and dry – there is no right or wrong answer when emotions are involved – so Her Campus has enlisted the help of relationship experts and authors J. Kearns and Sylvia Shipp to help us understand serious relationships in college.

In college, you’re surrounded by hundreds, sometimes thousands, of guys who are similar to you.

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