Dating girls with issues

She supposedly dated "every type" of guy out there and they all ended up being a$$holes so she went lesbo.

But i know real story - she dated "every guy" of thes same type --- the dumb abercrombie bleached-tip d-bag.

Dated a girl for 10 months (broke up last week) she had some serious trust issues.

Pretty much anytime any posted anything on say facebook you automatically assumed i ****ed them. If i even hinted at going out she would freak out on me and proceed to bitch more even though I let her do whatever the hell she wanted.

I had not ****ed up once or lied once in those 10 months. Pretty sure must girls that don't trust is because they are doing the ****ed up things and are afraid that you are doing them.

They just justify the stuff like I was only cheating because I thought you were and i just didn't want to get hurt or some other bull****.

The girls in this movie all find a man to call "sugar daddy", but its not their money hey're after-it's the sugar.

All young women harbor a secret fantasy that only a select few ever fill. Be it rocky relationships with their own fathers, or simply a passionate yearning for all things taboo, these naughty young girls go full force, sucking and fucking like it's their first time all over again.

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