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The Elder Board approves the annual budget and supervises the raising, receiving and disbursement of funds to support the ministries of Scottsdale Bible.Jeff Goble | Chairman Jeff invited Christ into his life as Savior at age nine while his family was living in Pittsburgh, PA.He began attending Scottsdale Bible in 1972 at age 12 when his family moved to Arizona.

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While in college, Jeff served on the Scottsdale Bible high school and junior high staff.

He and Tracy were class leaders of the Genesis II enrichment class, and he has served on all of Scottsdale Bible’s capital campaigns over the past two decades—taking on the chairmanship of the Joshua Challenge, Enlarge our Hearts, and Compelled by Grace projects. He has led numerous small groups and currently mentors young men to find their calling as Christ followers, husbands and leaders. Matt Everroad | Vice Chairman Matt received Christ as his Savior in college.

Jeff earned a BS in Political Science from Arizona State University and is currently a founder, President and CEO of a medical device manufacturing company that provides specialty infusion therapy products and contract manufacturing services for the Life Sciences industry for U. God used his family to lay the foundation and key friends and a college pastor to share the good news with him.

The government of this church, under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, is vested in the Elder Board, whose authority is derived from the body of believers who compose this church.

Only men who are members of Scottsdale Bible Church, who are of high Christian character and integrity, who maintain an exemplary reputation, who demonstrate leadership in the ministry of the church, and who possess the qualifications in Titus 1:6–9 and I Timothy 3:1–7 may be elected as Elders.

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