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But what you lose in illusion, you gain in the richness of authenticity.

Your heart has been broken, you have held dear many things which have been lost, and you've seen your strength and loveliness redefined by time.

Somehow, this only makes you more attractive to anyone you would really want to be with and more equipped to love with an all-consuming passion you didn't have when you were younger.

I hope you'll join me in using these suggestions to whole-heartedly love someone.

Remember: whatever you withhold from another, you withhold from yourself as well.1. Make a life spreadsheet to simply deal with problems as the inevitability they are.

Don't allow them to be an excuse not to fully commit to what you are creating with your potential partner now.2. Hopefully by now, you've learned how to have a great time alone, and if not, you need to, otherwise you risk losing the pleasure of your best life partner--you.

I met a man the other night who described his life as complicated.

I found the statement odd because life is complicated. Whether it's your partners, ex-partners, children, aging parents, illness or unthinkable losses and the necessary adjustments, the list could fill pages.

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