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The history of the New Era Cap Company has been well documented, so we won’t get into that right now. Anyway, New Era basically used the same tags inside their caps from the early days all the way until 1984.

All years are approximate as it’s hard to tell exactly what years they were used, as some may have bled into other years. It was his idea for the blog and he took most of the tag photos from his collection. There is a slight difference between the two; one says “100% WOOL FABRIC, the other says “PERSPIRATION PROOF”.

I filled in the gaps with photos from my collection. My first instinct was that this had to do with a difference in cap materials, or cloth and leather sweatbands.

However, all I can tell you is that this is not the case and I have seen either tag on the same cap with either cloth or leather sweatbands.

I never understood the “LOT/PRICE” tags or what they meant, other than having the size on them. entering the on-field cap market and becoming the first “licensed” cap company, New Era quickly follows suit and adds the “OFFICIAL LICENSEE MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL” tag to their caps.1985 – 1987: New Era modifies their manufacturers' tag, basically adding a few words.

Perhaps the caps sent to the teams go marked or written on. This would be the last tag to grace a New Era cap with a leather sweatband.

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