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Soon after the dope sickness, the anger and the depression, my cravings to use drugs slowly began to disappear.

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In the recovery world, people throw out all types of cautionary warnings in regards to love, sex and relationships.

The most common piece of advice is to not get into a relationship for at least a year. Sex can be the instant gratification needed, quickly filling the void left by drugs. When I told her to get off, that I was ready to cum, she sighed in disappointment.

Yet, like drugs, sex can never completely fill the emptiness described by the alcoholic addict. Many 12-steps meetings are geared toward the difficulties of sober sex. In that moment, she wasn’t alone, I heard a chorus of disappointing sighs coming from every girl I’d ever slept with. I didn’t run away, shoot dope and take solace in oblivion. It ended poorly with my gangster girlfriend, and she never actually became my girlfriend.

Some deal with emotional maturity needed to be a loving partner, while others deal directly with sex. She didn’t hate me for it or call me names, she poked fun a little, but it was OK. There was a cascade of dramatic moments, where she was too cool and young for me, and I was too desperate and obsessed. Soon after that, we lost touch and I never heard from her again.

It’s a good idea to bounce thoughts off another addict in recovery before pursuing sexual escapades. Have you ever had sex without drugs and alcohol, I asked. Think, I begged her, for the first time in your life you could go beyond the boring drunken hook-up and have meaningful, passionate sex. But the seed was planted and I took her back to my parents house later that night. Still, it was my first sober sex and my first big lesson learned.

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