Double your dating how many pages

The same thing happens when you make your blog post too wide.

I am sure you noticed that the page in Microsoft Word doesn’t take up the whole width of your screen. Now, let’s take it to the other extreme: imagine if you wrote one word per line.

It’d make it harder to connect words and sentences together. So, the optimal setup is obviously somewhere in the middle.

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If they are interested, they often go back and read the article more slowly.

When you optimize your content for skimmers, they will be able to understand more from quickly scrolling through, which gives you a better chance of grabbing their attention.

I think it’s safe to say that each line should hold somewhere between 55 to 100 characters.

From publishing posts that no one reads to posts that get thousands of views and hundreds of comments within a day.

Putting in time and effort into writing a post and then getting an average time on page of 10 seconds On a typical blog, only about 2% will spend more than two minutes reading a post. The good news is that yours doesn’t have to be a typical blog—it can be better.

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