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The version currently airing in re-runs is a mangled version, in which almost every scene has one or two phrases deleted compared with the version released on DVD. When Adam asks Carly if she wants to go on a date, Carly is upset upon realizing she can't go, since i Carly is doing a big panel at Webicon (a spoof of the Comic-Con). At the panel, Stacey Dillsen (from Zoey 101) asks about the circumstances behind Carly and Freddie's relationship. Seddie fanwar, which Sam - as a joke - fuels by saying that Carly and Freddie are deeply in love. Carly: [To Freddie] Oh my God, it's Adam, he wants to video chat, be cool... Aspartamay: I'll thrust my sword through your lily white gullet, you'll look like a troll with a chambermaid's mullet! Jerry Trainor: [dressed as Aruthor on a behind the scenes look] Fighting Jack Black for 14 hours a nightmare. Jack Black: [dressed as Aspartamay] Fifteen hours, my friend!!

Meanwhile, Spencer dresses up as Aruthor from World of Warlords (spoof of World of Warcraft) to Webicon and confronts Aruthor's mortal enemy, Aspartamay (played by special guest star Jack Black).

The two first show off each other's weapons and using it against themselves. When Carly tries to intervene, Aspartamay grabs her and tries to force Spencer to admit that his costume is better.

Carly eventually wins the fight for Spencer (much to the i Carly gang's annoyance, she rips off Aspartamay's jewel (his life force), thus effectively killing him.

Gibby and Guppy are trying to get to Webicon to meet Carly, Sam and Freddie, but their grandfather (played by guest star Jack Carter) is stuck at the Inside-Out-Burger, trying to order soup, which they don't have, and refusing to go to Webicon, since he hates corn (he thinks Gibby's saying Webicorn, despite Gibby's clear pronunciation).

Freddie and Spencer: [groan] Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. Spencer: I'm gonna go get some cheese so I can eat cheese while I play! Spencer: You will beg for mercy, when I own you in the FACE! Freddie: [stands up] Uh, did anyone see where the third flare went? So, can I keep it, or do I...[flare explodes and Gavin is blown out of the room] Sam: [only in the promo; talking about Spencer, 'Aruthor' and Jack 'Aspartamay] This is the most hilarious nerd fight ever.

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