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Finally, by employing JIT compilation, all DSU-related overhead before or after an update can be effectively eliminated.

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The common way of applying changes to a running system is to stop the application or machine and restart with the new version.

Stopping and restarting causes a disruption in service that is at best inconvenient and at worst causes revenue loss and compromises safety.

Dynamic software updating (DSU) addresses these problems by updating programs while they execute.

@INPROCEEDINGS{Subramanian09dynamicsoftware, author = {Suriya Subramanian and Michael Hicks and Kathryn S.

Mckinley}, title = {Dynamic software updates for Java: A VM-centric approach}, booktitle = {In PLDI}, year = {2009}} Software evolves to fix bugs and add features, but stopping and restarting existing programs to take advantage of these changes can be inconvenient and costly.

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