Effects of dating married men

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It made me feel like I was the most ugly, dumb, worthless person on earth. The two (2) of you are one (1) flesh and when my flesh was out doing something wrong, I knew it.

There were times when I didn't think I could get my head off the pillow in the mornings. No matter how much he denied it I knew something was happening. You made vows to God and He will do everything He can to help you keep those vows.

Married men who cheat but want to stop bring home the Spirit of Lust and deposit it. Married men who cheat but want to stop certainly can, but how big is your want to?

Then you see the kids acting crazy and you wonder why. One of the reasons cheating and infidelity is so serious is that it literally affects generations to come. You are allowing him to go from generation to generation with this same sin of adultery until you ask God to forgive you and repent, which means turn and go in the opposite direction with the intent never to be unfaithful again.

The next thing you know Johnny is looking at porn sites and Judy is sneaking around with a knuckle head boy at school or on Facebook. After that you must say out loud, "Father, I Break this Generational Curse of Adultery and loose the Holy Spirit to permeate the lives of me and my generations to come with Faithfulness, Love and Obedience to God forever." God will honor that.

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