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PHOTOS: Couples who haven't wed "Singing with my son is something that would come off as very commercial," Spanish-born Julio told at the time. If we sing, it will be at a dinner, when he has kids and wants his kids to sing, just like my little ones do.

I don't believe in a public commercial duet between my kids and me." Enrique and tennis pro Kournikova, 32, first met on the set of the singer's "Escape" music video in 2001.

Although they've been an item for quite some time, marriage doesn't seem to be on their agenda.

PHOTOS: Celebrity music video couples "I've never really thought marriage would make a difference.

Enrique Iglesias may not believe that marrying Anna Kournikova will make him any happier, but that doesn't mean he hasn't entirely ruled it out.

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