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As usual my aunty has come to our place during my Christmas holidays. I was looking those photos during the night after my aunt had slept.

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She frequently comes to our place as she is more fond of our family.

She used to sleep in the hall and me in my bedroom. I went to my bedroom and wanted to see the photos again.

I was enjoying these sexy photos and due to that I was stroking my penis and finally I had masturbated and slept. But I found the book was not in the place where I had kept last night. At last I could find out in some other place in my room. Normally my servant maid will not do all these things. I helped my aunt in the kitchen work and we came back to the hall and started seeing some Tamil Movies on the TV.

I had some doubt that my aunt might have seen and kept it there. My aunt has straightaway asked me where did you get the phonographic book. I pleaded with my aunt not to disclose this to my parents since they are very strict.

Aunt smiled and told me that she would not tell anything to them but with one condition that she wanted to see the photos again. Aunt took the book and started seeing the photos in my presence. She was smiling and seeing and enjoying those photos. She felt she was talking to her own age group friend.

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