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Unlike the anime scenario, the world of GOS2 is one within which Nerv, Evangelions, Angels, and even the Gehirn Artificial Evolution Laboratory coexist, while allowing the teenage characters to enjoy fairly ordinary academic, social, and romantic lives.

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It involved three new characters (most infamously the new love interest for Shinji, Mana Kirishima), giant robots, and a cheesy storyline that comes off as being based on a bad fanfic.

There is virtually no interactivity in the game; it's essentially like watching a really long Flash movie (albeit one with almost no actual animation).

The only choice the player can make that makes much difference is at the end, when you can choose between three endings. | ------------------------------------------------------------------------- This one is, gameplay-wise, quite a bit more entertaining.

________________________________________________________________________________ "Girlfriend of Steel 2"/"Iron Maiden 2nd" FAQ & Walk-through by Reichu ([email protected]) Version 1.3 (12/22/2005) Youkoso, minna-san, to Reichu's first walkthrough EVAR!

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