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Meditation techniques can help to release the stress that comes from betrayal and anger.Meditation might help you to realize that you don’t have to break through a wall of resentment in order to feel better.

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I find him very fun to be around and refreshingly open and honest.

I know he likes me, too, although he’s never pressured me for anything more, since he’s aware of my situation and wants to wait until I’m ready to date again.

My question is this: How soon after divorce should you wait to start dating again?

When I was 16, as the oldest of four children, I experienced the most aggressive beating from my father in a long line of abusive beatings.

The incident was so bad that my mother sent me to stay at a friend’s house for a week while the entire matter “settled down.”When having to officially testify about my father’s abuse, the only witness to the incident I could produce was my high school boyfriend, who generously gave a sworn written statement of testimony. My years-long constant therapy can’t seem to “break the barrier” of this wall of resentment, and I don’t know what else to think or do.

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