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Some of the stories and events related after contacting Thai women on the website sound like the stuff of nightmares, (or paradise, depending on where your interests lie).I assume - probably correctly - that the initial online contact and subsequent online chat between the two parties has been conducted in English or Tinglish ('me good girl, no work bar' etc).I want to describe my own experiences with online dating in Thailand, but where the contact and conversation has been conducted solely in Thai language - spoken and written, with a smattering of tortuous English thrown in that the lady has sourced from Google Translate.

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Of course, many Thai women are very competent in English, but I hypothetized that most of the women who registered on Thai Friendly would struggle to conduct a decent written conversation in English language.

As far as my own Thai language competence is concerned, I was fortunate in being able to speak very good Thai, as well as being able to read and write Thai rather well.

I have lived in Thailand for 15 years and studied Thai at Chulalongkorn University.

OK, if you ask me to read a legal document in Thai language, I would struggle to understand every single word, but I would be able to translate probably about 95% of the document.

In any case, I didn't plan to discuss the intricacies of the Thai legal system with the women who contacted me on Thai Friendly :) First, I needed to create my own profile on the website.

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