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You'd think it couldn't get any nastier in the battle between incumbent Metro school board member Will Pinkston and Stand for Children, after Pinkston filed complaints with the IRS and Attorney General's office over the foundation's campaign activities with the non-profit Martha O'Bryan Center.

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This reporter responded by tweeting, " dates, I am regularly scared that the same commenter trolls who have so much fun attacking me online will also wreak havoc with screencaps of my sincere attempts to meet someone with whom to have a relationship.

Putting yourself out there is hard, and doing so knowing that everything you type, every photo you upload could possibly be used against you at some indeterminate point in the future — I mean, I honestly can't count the number of times I've deleted all my accounts, only to start all over again a few months later.

And, yes, there are people out there with goofy pictures, with terrible pictures, with scary pictures — and ok, sure, sometimes I do screencap the really weird ones and text them to my sister with a comment of "WTF?!

" But O'Donnell's awkward party hat isn't the stuff of ridicule.

He's not doing anything in the picture that makes it of note, that makes it tweetworthy.

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