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GETTING MARRIED IN FRANCE If you are looking to get married in France to a French person or other, the steps you will need to follow are: First of all, remember that there are two weddings in France, the civil one and the religious one. But you cannot get married in a church without first having been married at the City Hall of the town in which you are resident in France.

If you live in Paris, this will be at the Hotel de Ville of the arrondissement where you reside.

To get married civilly, you have to make an appointment to marry at the City Hall.

These documents take time to acquire, so plan ahead, 6 months ahead!

You and your fiancé(e) will need two witnesses (four max) for your civil marriage.

These are called If you were born outside of France, your Birth Certificate must have an Apostille attached to it.

The latter is an official seal set forth by the United Nation which certifies it is real.

Birth Certificates and Apostilles can be obtained from the Vital Records services in your home State or Province. You will need an official translation is the documents are not in French.

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