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Usually, sperm can readily survive in the female reproductive tract for several days, and can survive for up to 5 days, but sperm cannot survive for up to 9 or 12 days.Consequently, a pregnancy cannot result from intercourse that occurred 9-12 days before ovulation.If pregnancy is present, then the calculation of the day of ovulation must be off or other intercourse has occurred.

The day of ovulation would be around 14 days later, i.e., July 7th.

If you were gone for 2 weeks after June 16th, you would have returned around June 30th, so would have been back in town at the time of ovulation.

As noted above, if she was just told she was 8 weeks pregnant, the day of June 23rd is not important, as it is only the day of her last period, not the day of conception.

Chat for Free with Doctors Online I have just been told my partner is 8 weeks pregnant.i was away nearly 2 weeks when the ultra sound stated the age of the it possible to have sex 9-12 days previous and be pregnant ?

I am a little confused If you mean, is it possible to have sex 9-12 days before the day of ovulation and still result in pregnancy, the answer is no.

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