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I feel over the past couple years the residential market took a dip due to the economy and low propane prices. A strong interest recently is the farm industry: poultry and turkey growers, greenhouses, etc.

Wood pellets offer low and stable pricing, compared to fossil fuels which tend to be more volatile.

These were the main reasons for teaming up with European technology and building the product right here in Minnesota.

The Wood Master Commercial Series pellet and/or chip hot air furnace is a great fit for poultry and turkey farms and greenhouses. Using this hot air furnace would give the quickest return on investment.

This is a much dryer heat than, for example, propane and has a very positive effect on the growing conditions.

Currently a small amount of units have been installed in Minnesota, larger amounts in other states.

The results are extremely positive and we are anticipating a lot more units to be installed in the upcoming months.

Last modified 24-May-2016 20:48