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This week we’ve started working on a slave uniform for me to wear while at home.

Info Host: froggy KM When: 12/17/13 8 PM CST – [...] Even after 9 years of being together, Knyght Mare and I can find ways to add spice to our lives.

It consists of lingerie, collar, cuffs and butt plug. The exploration [...] Things have been a little stressful this week.

First, the paycheck was late, then Knyght Mare got sick and finally our game server was hacked. In any case, Knyght Mare is feeling better and the paycheck is on its way.

We also decided to refresh the game server so while our stress [...] It has been a long lonely week here with Knyght Mare off at froggy KM’s. There’s plenty of work to keep me busy and yet my mind wandered to being alone often.

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